Recent Acquisitions: Dorwart Mexican Whiskey Special Reserve

Dorwart whiskey in the foreground, Los Dos Compadres in the background

About a year and half ago, I reviewed a bottle of Los 2 Compadres Single Cask Sour Mash whiskey. Just recently, our now former neighbors reached out to me.  It seems the folks at the distillery really appreciated the review and they wanted me to try out a bottle of their new and improved product. To be clear, I received this bottle for free but I am not receiving any other compensation for writing this review. If I was, I’m sure the distillery owners would be a little annoyed since I’ve been sitting on this bottle for well more than a month.

The bottle that I received, as shown in the picture above, is labeled Dorwart Mexican Whiskey Special Reserve Single Cask. It is 45% alcohol by volume and seems to have been aged longer than the previous product that I reviewed. My understanding from my former neighbor is that this bottle is a special release and represents some of the best product produced by the distillery to date. More information about the distillery can be found on their new web page.

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What We Drink Book…Available Now!

Anyone who follows me on social media, at least Twitter and Facebook, is probably aware that my wife and I have been working on a cocktail book for the last year.  Originally, the idea was to create a book to give to our friends as a gift for Christmas 2012, but obviously we were a little too ambitious and it took us until early December 2013 to finalize a draft that we were happy to print and share with friends. Hey, at least we finished it!

As of mid-December, you can now purchase either a hardcover or a paperback version of the book on Blurb, a relatively high-quality printer of one-off books. This means that the books are currently a lot more expensive than they would be if produced in bulk, but the output is still fairly high quality.

If your browser is compatible with the Blurb book preview widget, then you should see a complete preview of the book that you can scroll through below.  Otherwise, click here.

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