What We Drink Book…Available Now!

Anyone who follows me on social media, at least Twitter and Facebook, is probably aware that my wife and I have been working on a cocktail book for the last year.  Originally, the idea was to create a book to give to our friends as a gift for Christmas 2012, but obviously we were a little too ambitious and it took us until early December 2013 to finalize a draft that we were happy to print and share with friends. Hey, at least we finished it!

As of mid-December, you can now purchase either a hardcover or a paperback version of the book on Blurb, a relatively high-quality printer of one-off books. This means that the books are currently a lot more expensive than they would be if produced in bulk, but the output is still fairly high quality.

If your browser is compatible with the Blurb book preview widget, then you should see a complete preview of the book that you can scroll through below.  Otherwise, click here.

Our goal was to produce a book that described some of our favorite cocktails that we drink all the time. I also wanted the book to be educational in terms of how to make a good cocktail, but to be a little different than most cocktail books, which spend multiple pages on proper technique before ever showing a recipe. Finally, I wanted to feature high quality pictures of the cocktails alongside the recipes, somewhat inspired by books like Speakeasy. I think we succeeded on each of these points, and we already have friends starting to make cocktails from the book and post their results on Facebook!

Of course, there are few things that we wanted to do for the book that we weren’t quite able to finish in time for this revision. Many of these I hope to address in future blog posts, which I will link here, and possibly integrate into a future print edition of the book. Here’s a quick and probably incomplete list:

  • A resources page with links to other books, blogs, and places to learn more. We also want to provide links to stores where you can buy the lesser known spirits referenced in the book (assuming your state has reasonable alcohol laws) and the bar supplies necessary to make the best quality cocktails.
  • An index of ingredients by use in the book, or some other resource to help users understand how to maximize the cocktails they can make when purchasing a set of ingredients. I suspect there is a very interesting visualization to be made here, especially based on a much larger drink database, and I hope to find some time to play with this.
  • A list of our favorite cocktails created by our favorite bars and bartenders. My wife and I both travel a fair amount for our jobs, which allows us the opportunity to try cocktails in cities around the US and the world, and we have experienced a lot of interesting variation and ideas in different places. There are also a lot of original cocktails in the bars that we frequent in San Diego and San Jose, either of which might make a good book on their own.

Look for blog posts on at least two of the topics above. Also let us know if there are other topics that you’d like to see covered, or things that are confusing in the current edition of the book.

I’ll leave you with a picture of myself taking one of the cocktail pictures included in the book.

Taking the gin-gin mule cocktail picture


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